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About the TEAM 

Sally Gardner

Interior Designer and colour specialist 


Hello lovelies, I’m Sally Gardner, founder of this blog and renovating community. 

Although I am an interior designer by trade I am a DIYer by heart. I am currently in the early stages of my second home renovation and this blog is an opportunity for me to share all the tips and bargains I find along my creative journey.  

I got into the design industry because I’ve always had a passion for interiors. Since I was a little girl I’ve been rearranging the furniture just to spice it up. I followed this passion all the way through high school and into university. The penny dropped when I went to ISCD to study colour design. My ah ha moment occurred and I knew I was destined to help people with designing their homes. 

After a few years in the industry I realised I was different then your average interior designer. I’m not into the snobbery of high end interior design with $40,000 lounges and $300 cushions. I prefer helping people who are trying to create their own beautiful interior but are under resourced and under financed. 

I love sourcing products to get the latest looks on a budget. I love searching eBay and antique shops for upcycling projects. I love the complexity of colour. Most of all I love helping people with their renovation projects. I can’t help myself, I want to help friends, family members and clients to find the quickest, most creative way to get a designer look on a budget. 

I love a challenge!

This doesn’t mean that I don’t think its worth spending money on interiors, it just means I believe you can spend it better in some areas than others. 

Jeanette Del Zio

Interior designer & Guest contributor

Jeanette is not only passionate about design but about health and wellness. She believes in a balanced and healthy lifestyle, which is achieved via many different aspects of life. As a society we tend to focus on what we eat and how we exercise, but what about how we live in our homes, work in our offices or interact with our spaces? Jeanette is extremely passionate about functional space and how our bodies behave and relate to different environments.