Round up of cool and cheap Magazine racks

Hey lovelies,

After researching magazine racks for a client of mine I realised there is seriously slim pickings out there. Who would have thought that it would be so hard to find attractive magazine holders?

So hopefully the collection below benefits you too!

For this round up I was looking for ones that would suit a modern/Scandinavian home. And we didn’t need it to have a table surface as we already had nest tables in this space.

I also didn’t want anything wall mounted as we didn’t have a lot of wall space. But that being said I will probably do a round up of these another time, as there are heaps out there.

Block magazine rack

By: The bower birds nest

Colour: Black or Blue

Price: $59

                                                                The bower birds Nest

                                                               The bower birds Nest

Ditto magazine holde

By: Bo Concept

Colour: Willow wood veneer

Price: $139

                                                                         Bo Concept

                                                                        Bo Concept

Replica Giotto Stoppino Magazine Rack

By: Replica Furniture

Colour: Black, White, Red or Yellow

Price: $59

                                                                     Replica Furniture

                                                                    Replica Furniture

Ella vintage magazine holder

By: Retro Jan

Colour: White

Price: $69

                                                                          Retro Jan

                                                                         Retro Jan

Companion side table / magazine rack / black

By: The Minimalist

Colour: Black with timber

Price $269

                                                                      The Minimalist

                                                                     The Minimalist

Eric Pfieffer for Offi Magazine stand Birch

By: Top 3 Design

Colour: Birch

Price: $199

                                                                        Top 3 Design

                                                                       Top 3 Design

Alfred Magazine Rack

By: DesignByThem

Colour: Black, White, Yellow, Blue

Price: $175



And I’m going to finish with one that doesn’t seem to be available in Australia yet, but is just gorgeous!!

So fingers crossed it gets over here soon! I am sure it’s going to go viral.

It's multifunctional, it's compact, it's comfortable and it's beautiful!

Woodieful chair

By: Klavdija Jarac

Colour: Beech

Price: Unknown

                                                                       Klavdija Jarac

                                                                      Klavdija Jarac

Sally xx

What's your favourite? Or have you seen any other cool and cheap magazine racks? 

If you have spotted a funky magazine rack in your travels then please comment and share with us all.