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7 ways to add the industrial look into your home

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I saw this gorgeous copper wire pendant at Jamaica Blue Coffee shop the other weekend and it got me thinking about the different ways you can quickly add the industrial look into your home. I am quietly a bit obsessed with the industrial style. I love the contrast of black and white, and the texture of exposed timber and metal. It feels so authentic. Its a style that allows for personal touches.

I just love it.

So here's some industrial inspiration for you! I hope you enjoy it :)

1. Cool White walls

It’s not just enough to have white walls, you have to have the RIGHT white walls. The key to an industrial style interior is using a cool white as it makes everything look bright, clean and crisp. A cool white absorbs less light, so it therefore bounces more light around the room. Which is all part of achieving an industrial look.

The industrial look is all about creating contrast in colour. Bright whites against charcoals and blacks.

Some examples of cool whites:

  • Dulux Lexicon quarter
  • Dulux Vivid white
  • Dulux White on White

Some examples of warm whites:

  • Dulux Antique White USA
  • Dulux Whisper White
  • Dulux Stowe White


2. Black doors and/or skirting boards

I love how much impact you can have with colour. By simply painting your doors or skirting boards in Black you can create a bold statement that’s very industrial-esque.

What I love even more is it’s easier to paint your trim than your walls because you don’t have to move any furniture out of the rooms. 

And paint is soooo cheap. You can always change your mind, so be brave and go black!

Try Dulux Domino to get you started.

3. Cage or wire Pendant light

We are very lucky here because cage and wire pendant lights are so on trend at the moment you can pick one up in any lighting shop. 

The reason cage and wire pendant lights are industrial is because the industrial look is all about raw and exposed features.  You are trying to make your interior look stripped back to the bones – exposing the elements we normally hide and beautify.

My key piece of advice here is to consider:

a) The scale of your light

Industrial spaces are often quite open plan with high ceilings so you want to make sure your wire pendant doesn’t get lost because its so small. Because it is essentially see-through it almost needs to be twice the size to make you notice it.

b) The quantity of lights

Similar to the reason above, you may need to use multiple pendants in a cluster or group to create a bigger statement. The other reason for using multiple lights is to provide more artificial light. The cage and wire pendants often don’t provide as much light as a regular one with a shade or case. 

c) The size of the bulb

Because there is no lamp shade to direct the light you may need to use more lights or brighter bulbs to illuminate your space enough.

d) Bulb style

Because your bulb is completely exposed it needs to be attractive. This is not the type of light where you should use a fluorescent bulb. There are lots of decorative bulbs available in different sizes and brightness so do some research first.

But remember there is no harm in using a cage or wire pendant for pure aesthetics, just make sure you supplement with downlights for functional ambient light. 

                                                                     Urban Outfitters

                                                                    Urban Outfitters

4. Recycled timber

To help create your ‘exposed’ feel of an industrial interior I strongly recommend using recycled timber. It doesn’t have to be for floorboards, you can use it in furniture and accessories too. Once you start looking for it you will start to find it everywhere, from furniture to mirrors and lamps. If your really stuck check out local markets, etsy or approach a local carpenter and get him to make you something. If you’re feeling hands-on check out Pinterest for lots of DIY ideas.

                                                                          Trend Land

                                                                         Trend Land

Some suggestions:

  • Timber flooring
  • Bed frames and bedside tables
  • Bench seats
  • Coffee tables
  • Lamp bases
  • Doors
  • Entertainment units

5. Concrete look tiles

Not everyone has the ability to pour a concrete floor, particularly because of weight bearing issues. But don’t be disheartened! The concrete look tiles are quite realistic and beautiful. They often come in large sizes which makes it look less like a tile.

I would recommend not going too big, because your tiler will hate you and probably charge you for it! Can you imagine how heavy a 1mx1m tile would be to carry!?

                                                                        Archi Expo

                                                                       Archi Expo

                                                                    Memorable Decor

                                                                   Memorable Decor

6. Industrial style handles and knobs

This is probably the cheapest thing you can do to your interior, but it will give it a complete makeover. Update your door handles and knobs with industrial style ones. For the full effect I would be going for a matt black look, but a matt silver/bronze/copper could also work well. Just avoid anything chrome.

                                                                   The Design Files

                                                                  The Design Files

I love the ones at Early Settler, but you could also check out Tradco or any local hardware shop.

Here are some of my favourites from Early Settler.

                                                                        Early Settler

                                                                       Early Settler

7. Black/white picture frames and prints

Nothing says industrial like the strong contrast of black and white. And what better way to achieve this by filling your empty walls with cool photos and prints. Black photo frames on white walls are very striking, and because its monochrome you can mix a whole bunch of styles and sizes and it will still look cohesive.

Some ideas:

  • Print one of your favourite photos in black/white
  • Write a favourite quote in a funky black font
  • Pick up some cool art from a local market, opp shop or homewares store

Sally xx

What's your favourite industrial element? 

Are you into monochrome, timber, stainless steel or exposed brick? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.