New colours of Samsung Staron 2015

Introducing the New Colours of Staron® - Supreme™ Collection. 

I'm always on the hunt for new products in different colours so I can offer my clients the most suitable option for their home. 

Solid surface bench tops provide the affordability and ease of maintenance that natural stone simply can't compete with. The designs have become so realistic and so beautiful it's made them the easy choice for your average kitchen remodel. 

Let me share with you all the 10 new colours that Staron Solid Surfaces have just released.



The colour is inspired by the elements of a quiet countryside with clear air. The shapes of field and sky are minimised to a hue that expresses an earthy simplicity.

Ocean View

When the waves break on the shores of a white beach, the foamy water droplets splash apart into organic forms that feel refreshing and natural. In the same way, this pattern emits a subtle shimmer that creates a fresh atmosphere.


This colour brings to life the sublime purity and spirit of white. It features the many definitions within white and it transforms a space with a crisp white background and subtle soft white waves.


This colour combines the duality of a soft white cloudy sky and the grey of the city cement, and soft patterns and cool colours create a soothing environment.


This colour contains deep rich deep browns that express a luxurious and peaceful feeling. With dark earthy tones highlighted by lighter sandy patterns, this colour will create an opulent atmosphere.

Natural Bridge

This colour echoes nature’s soft and lasting limestone, and combines tone-on-tone colours and patterns in a gentle feathery embrace that creates a safe and warm space.


Even the bustle of city life is silenced by the calm warmth of dawn. This pattern emulates rhythmically divided concrete exteriors with re-interpreted greys that produces a tranquil modern space.


Peeking out shyly like the delicate buds of white blooms that have caught drops of moisture in the morning mist, this colour features fine particulates and a soft smoky haze that creates serenity to any application.


Comprised of warm earth tones from nature’s palette and patterns in organic forms, this colour creates an inviting natural atmosphere that is refined.


The dark night, deep sea, and moonlit waves are united in a pattern of black, blue, and green shades whose unknown depths reflect the wonders of mystery. Presto will create a luxurious and distinguished atmosphere to any space.

Have you used Staron in your kitchen or bathroom? What's been your experience or favourite colour? 

Have you used Staron in your home? Please comment and share your experience or tips with us all.

Sally xx