Lighting trends for 2015

Hello lovelies!

Its time to get your fix of the hottest Pendants, chandeliers, LEDs and table lamps in timber, marble, copper and more!

Never before has there been so much choice! Lighting Designers are pushing boundaries to create stunning pieces that interact with consumers and stir up emotion. Because we want more!

Goodbye boring task lights, and hello flirtatious feature lights!

The popularity of LED lighting has shaped the direction of lighting design. Smaller, brighter and adjustable LED’s allow for endless possibilities.

We are also seeing materials used in ways never before possible, such as laser cut timbers and plastics, extruded glass and metals as well as lightweight concrete.

During 2015 there will be something for everyone, from the very delicate and discreet right through to the bold and playful. 

I’m going to get right down to business because there is so much to cover!

Sexy LED’s

Gone are the days of LED’s being the new kid on the block, seemingly difficult and unknown. LED’s are more accessible and economical then ever before and through the prevalence of LED lighting pieces available it is clear that Designers have embraced this new technology.  Whilst a majority of designs have incorporated LED technology it is the slim and sleek designs that really show it off.

Clustered lighting

The popularity of both uniform and un-uniform clustered lighting is gaining momentum as an alternative to chandeliers. To achieve this look, pendants are grouped together creating a clustered effect. At times it is with the same material but different shapes, sizes and colours. Other times complementary yet different pieces made up of varying materials and shapes are grouped or scattered in a cohesive display.

Blonde timber

Now I know what your thinking,…blonde timber isn’t a tree that doesn’t get the joke! Think timber varieties like Oak, Beech and Pine. Whether it’s a pendant or a lamp you will find it either in natural finish or dipped in pastels or primary coloured paint. The beauty of blonde timbers is that they allow designers to display the form of their designs without the colour detracting from it.


It is no longer aluminium leading the way. Copper is stealing the show! The use of copper is not just confined to the industrial look, it is now being used for everyone’s taste. Sleek pendants with extruded shapes, geometric wire chandeliers, quirky table lamps and unusual wall lights all in a shimmering copper.

Function becomes aesthetics

Over the past 12 months we have seen a shift in lighting designs where the once disguised components such as wiring, fittings and bulbs are all becoming predominant design features.  Wires are used to create strong lines or add colour, light fittings are being dressed up in attractive materials and bulbs are now distorted into new and unusual shapes drawing all the attention.  An elegant example of this is the Swarm light by Jangir Maddadi Design Bureau. The designer explains, “The respect for woodcraft in the Swarm Lamp hearkens back to a simpler, pre-industrial time when the creative process was just as important as the end product”.

User controlled

We have such high expectations now! I blame Apple and their intuitive designs. Lighting components twist, turn, pull and slide so a user can adjust not only the position of the light, but the intensity.  This level of control gives a whole new meaning to task lighting. And where it gets really exciting is that designers have still managed to create interesting sculptural forms. Aesthetics are no longer compromised, thanks to thin wiring and LED’s.


Pendant Lighting

After seeing ceilings stuffed full of downlights for the past decade we now are enjoying a resurgence to decorative pendant lighting. We are seeing less bright coloured pendants and more solid black, with the occasional pastel. Crystal chandeliers have also made a come back but in a more understated and minimalistic way.




Marble is no longer just for bathrooms! It’s now seen featured in all types of furniture and accessories and looks like it might stay in the spotlight a while longer. Designers have been sculpting marble into curved shapes that boggle the minds comprehension. Some examples include marble dunbells, table legs, fruit, Luigina Chairs and coat hooks.  But the beauty of lighting means we get to appreciate both the sculptural form as well as the texture as it is illuminated.

Unique materiality

The trend of re-using, upcyling and craftsmanship has lead to a new playfulness with unique materials. Porcelain, glass, baskets, ribbon and PET are all popular choices for this emerging trend. The lighting designs are far from tacky and recycled. The materials are stretched, broken, wrapped and woven to create new textures and forms.

Lighting inside Drawers, Cabinets and the Shower

Why stay in the dark?! When it’s so easy light up those dark corners of the house. Lighting and automation technologies have improved dramatically in the last decade, and better yet they are affordable. These systems used to be only for the mansions of Beverly Hills but now anyone with an Ebay account can purchase LED strips and switches and simply install them throughout their home.  This is not just functional it’s beautiful! But PLEASE be careful to highlight the right things, no one wants a glowing toilet.  

It's such an exciting time to be selecting lighting. There really is something for every taste and function. 

Sally xx