How to keep your wood floors looking great

Hello lovelies,

Ok, so you might have just re-sanded your floorboards or just finished a renovation where you have installed hardwood floorboards. What next? It’s time to take care of them so they still look good in the years to come. 


One of the simplest things that’s often forgotten is to make sure you immediately clean up spills. Use a dry cloth, and allow the cloth to soak up all the liquid.  Use a damp cloth to clean up the remainder of the spill and rinse out the cloth to keep it clean and dry during the process. Be careful not to over-clean as it will discolour your floors.  If the spill fades your floors - you can re-apply finish to it, but make sure you lightly sand it first.

Can I use a wet mop?

Good question.

Only as a last resort on sticky floors can you use a wet mop. But only do this if the finish is in good condition. Just remember that excess water can critically damage wood floors so its best to dry off with a towel.


To prevent excess scratches and marks on your beautiful floors you should try and use protectors on all your furniture feet. They come in a variety of sizes, and the ones which come with nails and screws are much more durable. Make sure you buy the right size, type and shape as it is more likely to stay on and look good. 


Firstly, use a bare-floor attachment on your vacuum cleaner to vacuum the floors. Then use a hardwood floor attachment to get into the corners where the dust collects.

Minor Scratches

If you have waxed floors you can apply more wax over the scratch and buff. If your floors have a waterbased varnish you can use a timber touch up kit sold at most hardware shops.

My last and final tip is the most important!

Know your finish

Whether you chose the finish/wax yourself or got your builder to, it is important to find out exactly what finish was applied to your floors. This will help you care for your floors correctly.  Waterbased and oil based products will react differently to cleaning products.  Use the guidelines provided by the supplier and then you can confidently care for your floors and keep them looking great!

Hope this helps

Sally xx